It’s an idea that’s been brewing for a few years now, a bicycle that doesn’t really know what it is... it’s not one of those do-it-all bicycles that will do everything perfectly because, honestly, that bike doesn’t exist, but that’s why we like it.  It’s a bike we want to see used inapropriately, a bicycle used for misadventure.  Take it to the local time trial (and try really hard) take it to the skatepark, go for a long ride and load the bag with all the tasty snacks, strap your life to it and take it around the world,  or just use it to head in town and pick up the shopping.  Whatever you want, it just needs using...


So this is our first go at a production bicycle.  a weird sort of useful utility bicycle made with a lot of fun in mind. this is us scratching our own itch, the bike we would like to put our leg over most often. it’s loosely based around the geometry of early 90’s mountain bikes, fast and fun, but you really had to ride it.  perhaps if you get it, then you get it.


A custom bicycle is a wonderful thing, but we’re kind of splitting in two. the customs will be crazier, but being production doesn’t mean less details, it kind of means more, but it’s just we can design it for a long time, go through the iterations and then build it in a batch, repeat the process and save time and money.  This means the bike has lots of details, and everything is built in house. And it’s quite a bit cheaper for you.


It has the best parts we can imagine, with no compromise, a solid fast and light frame built from Reynolds 853 DZB steel, segmented forks that fit the custom rack, all covered in two textures of this amazing ultra tough paint that we’re very excited to be using, it’s super durable all over, and ultra durable in the places that take the most shit.  We’re so proud of the sweet sweet chestnut crate on little brass posts, with a clever little attachment for the waxed canvas bag that fits inside... Steel, brass, Stainless, copper, wood, leather, canvas and some string.


We make it all in house... Mass produced... by hand... in Woodchurch England. Although we’re happy to, we don’t only want to sell the best bicycles we can imagine to only those that can afford them, a huge part of this was that the bike would be reasonably priced, well for what you get, we actually wanted it to be  cheap, so we are 99% sure we can keep the price down to £4450, complete, for everything.   We will be opening an order window really soon, and for a short amount of time, and then getting on and building them.  
It’s going to be fun.


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