Fast tourer - an evolution

This bicycle is an evolution of our perfect touring rig. Super durable and dependable, but light and fast.

 Paul Z contacted me quite a while ago, after seeing the blue camper, and Jacob's fast tourer.  He had been competing in road racing and most recently Iron Man triathlons, but was ready for a bit of a change of style.  He was looking for a bicycle that he could take for longer trips out in to the Basque country hills, which would be durable and comfortable, as a light tourer should be, but which didn't have the sluggishness that curses many tourers.  We built this around a Reynolds 853 pro team tube set, with matching custom stem and segmented forks.  It is designed to be very comfortable when front loaded with low mount panniers, perhaps a small bar bag and a tool roll under the seat.  Unloaded it is spritely and geared to fly up or down and mountain or trail. 



The Inspiration

As with all custom builds, the first thing we do is set up a private pin board.  Paul's love for vintage Porsches, the natural environment and classic, subtle tones started the ball rolling.  We wanted a stripped back style, but with many little details, so the closer you look the more you see.  Here are some images from his pin board...


The details and finish

 Brass and copper featured once more in this build, with custom copper plated seat rivet, head badge and Paul disk brake pad adjusters, all left raw to develop their own patina and verdigris over time and miles.  All of the cable guides, stops,  STI bosses and chain hanger were made from brass, turned by me on the 1927 Southbend lathe.  The finish was very subtle and understated two tone design, with a satin final coat.  Ask any painter who is worth their salt, and they will tell you how difficult this is to achieve.  I am so happy with the results, and this currently represents my finest version of what a fast and light touring bicycle can be.




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