I am taking on a very limited amount of custom builds, passion projects, focusing on pushing the boat out.  I am concentrating on builds that are challenging, allow us to push our techniques and aesthetics further down the rabbit hole, and are most of all, great fun.  These typically take 9 months to a year to evolve from start to finish.  Prices start at around £3000 for the custom frame and fork, and builds can include any custom details, racks, crates, bags, bars, levers, finishes and on and on...  

I will from time to time put out a call for commission here, or if you have an idea for an exciting project, then please get in touch here.


Sergio's fast fade race

Our interpretation of the perfect fast road bicycle.  With racing in mind, built to be light and stiff and tailor made for our friend Sergio Jensen.  Winner of the Chris King award at Bespoked handmade bicycle show 2017.


Timmy's single speed cx

Where it all started, and the first bicycle I built.  Copper plated, left exposed to verdigris, lugs and fillet brazed and too much fun for blasting around the woods.

Getting a custom Bicycle from rowan frameworks...

You don't need to have the bicycle in mind, perhaps you have an idea or a starting point, but I see this process as a collaboration.  We will spend a long time gathering inspiration... an old 1940's motorcycle, an inherited pocket watch, some art by Joseph Beuys, or concrete Soviet bus shelters, whatever it is, it's good to start somewhere.  

We can evolve the idea over several months, and talk about your style of riding, what you want the bicycle to do, how it should feel, where you want to go.  We will get a perfect bike fit and fine tune the details, before throwing all of our inspiration in the pot and getting the creative juices flowing.  Anything and everything is possible, and I love to mix materials... Steel, wood, canvas, copper, rubber, felt.  My goal is to make the best bicycle I have ever made, each time.  Come and have a coffee in the workshop or email me and we can discuss your project.